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Written in the Stars

Saturday was my senior Prom, and it was a complete blast. I had tons of fun and it wasn’t even comparable to last year, which was an absolute disaster. It was almost absolutely perfect.

The only real hitch in my day was my hair. In case you don’t know, I have curly, frizzy, and obnoxious hair. Some days it will be really pretty, others it looks like I just rolled out of bed no matter what I try and do with it. Last year I had straightened my hair, but I wanted to do something a little more special with it this year, so I went somewhere to get it done. My aunt’s sister always cuts my hair, so I naturally just went to her to get it done.

I had wanted my hair curly and side swept with part of it pinned back, like this picture. However, she didn’t do it like the picture at all. She basically put my hair in a side ponytail and it was not curly. It just looked a mess. I didn’t want to offend her or my mom, so I went along with it. I mean, she was completely finished so there was nothing that I could do about it. On the ride back home, I was trying not to cry but my mom could tell that I didn’t like it and I just burst into tears.

Thank goodness my sister Rachel came to the rescue. :P My stylist had put so much hairspray in my hair that she had to literally pry it apart, but she made it look so much better than before. It still wasn’t what I originally wanted, but I wasn’t going to complain.

I went with a relatively small group of friends and pictures were so fun! :) We went to a park towards downtown and took pictures there, so the scenery was really pretty. And it was such a sunny day – so the pictures came out really well!

The night passed by really fast, too! The dance started at 7:oo PM and the next time I looked at the clock it was 10:00 PM. The dance floor was the perfect size, too. I remember last year it was really, really small – so small that everyone couldn’t fit on it. This year, it was a little bit larger, but not so much that we were all dwarfed.

And they had a chocolate fountain. :* Nom nom nom!

I was a little worried that the friend I had that basically said she didn’t want to be friends anymore would ruin the night with drama. But even though this girl came to take pictures with us (which was a little awkward), she avoided us like the plague for the rest of the night so it didn’t affect my prom night at all. Thank goodness! I’m over the situation and I really hate drama.

Becky also made prom court! :D She didn’t end up winning queen, but it was still really fun to root and shout for her.

After the dance, Andrew, Becky, and I went to McDonald’s – where Andrew works – because his manager wanted to see him. Andrew’s a I’m-going-to-wear-shorts-year-round kind of guy, so seeing him so dressed up is kind of a big deal. :P It was so funny, his manager said, “Oh Andrew! You look so dapper!” He replied, “What’s dapper mean?” Hahaha.

We met back up with the rest of our group at Applebee’s and then I had a girls only after-sleepover. (Get it? Like after-party, only after-sleepover! :3 Ah, nevermind.) My sister just recently moved out, so we pulled out the sleeping bags and slept on the floor in her vacant room. We stayed up til around 3:00 AM just talking. Ya know, what girls do best. ;)

Overall, it was just a wonderful, beautiful night. It was fun to get all dressed up and see everyone else looking so gorgeous!

Bring On the End

This past week and a half has been a flurry of award ceremonies and work.

On the tenth, I had a Gold R awards Ceremony. (My high school’s name starts with an ‘R,’ if that makes the name of the ceremony and award more logical.) To qualify, a senior must have had a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or higher all seven semesters of high school. In turn, all of the qualifying seniors picked a teacher who had made an impact on them, influenced them in some way, or was just a great teacher.

I picked my French teacher, who I absolutely adore. I couldn’t not pick her – I mean I traveled halfway around the world with her for seventeen days. :P Right before we received our award, we were told to make a small speech about why we chose our teacher.

Note: I hate public speaking.

The Gold R ceremony was combined with a different academics ceremony, so there were probably 200 people there. I was internally freaking out and was trying to practice what I was going to say before I got on stage and had to speak. Which sort of helped, though once I got out there I only managed to say about half and babbled on for the other half. I think I did alright, but at the end my voice got a little squeaky. :blink:

Altogether it was really nice, and we posed for a few pictures afterwards. My French teacher is one that I don’t want to forget and I’m really going to miss her after I graduate. :/

On the fifteenth, I had my National Honor Society Investiture. This was a bit more formal and was held in a large lobby at my school. They had constructed a stage and set up tables before it (we kept comparing it to the Golden Globes :P). We would have held it in our auditorium, but our group wasn’t big enough and we would’ve been dwarfed.

We wore white graduation gowns and had a few teachers act as guest speakers. They spoke about the pillars of NHS: service, character, leadership, and scholarship. We then received blue collars to wear at graduation and were officially inducted as members of NHS.

On the sixteenth, I had the President’s Education Awards Program but I wasn’t able to get the night off so I missed it. :/ But I ended up receiving the plaque and pin today – I just missed all the food! Which everyone knows is the best part. ;)

I think all of these events have finally made me realize that I’m about to graduate and move on with my life. A couple of months ago, this thought made me really nervous. But knowing which college I’m going to, having committed, and received multiple scholarships (totaling $10,500 for my first year! so happy for that!) I’m really ready to move on. And my sister is currently moving into an apartment and helping her get situated has been fun because in the back of my mind I know that this will be me in about four months when I head off to college. 8)

One month left and I’ll be graduating! I have a few more ceremonies (as if there could be any more x_x ) and quite a few field trips. Plus Prom is Saturday. I’m just altogether really excited for this next month. My job kind of sucks, but I definitely feel like everything else is going just the way it should be and it’s going to be freaking amazing. :)