Acting dumb is not cute

Most girls these days want to capture boys’ attention, which is a completely normal thing. Some wear make-up, try to wear cute clothes, show off in front of them, etc. But more and more I find this one silly and ridiculous reoccurring trend that girls are picking up on.

They act dumb on purpose because they think it’s cute.

I have no idea why girls think that acting dumb is perceived as cute. I think it’s quite the opposite. When someone is acting dumb, I think that they are, to put it simply, dumb. I don’t really want to hang around someone who doesn’t know who won the Civil War in a 11th grade American History class, or someone who struggles over a simple math equation, such as 24 x 2. If you loudly proclaim that you struggle with these things, and then giggle like you’re so adorable, I don’t think you’re cute; I think you need help.

When girls do or say something idiotic, it oftentimes makes people laugh. I suppose this makes them feel like they’re funny, and who doesn’t want to be a humorous person? But you’re making them laugh for completely different reasons than you intend. They’re making fun of you, and laughing at your stupidity. That really doesn’t raise your self-esteem any does it?

Some girls try and act dumb to catch a boy’s attention, as I stated earlier, but if you want to be in a healthy relationship, you want to be completely open and honest with each other. In other words, you want to like each other for who you are. A boy isn’t going to like you just because you can’t do simple problems. If anything, it’s a turn off. Who wants to show off a dumb girlfriend?

Lastly, girls who act dumb are annoying. No, I am not impressed that you did not know that Barack Obama was a democrat. Or that you didn’t know there were 52 weeks in a year. You’re not being cute, you’re hindering me from a quality education (heh, even though I go to a public school…) and are just itching to give me another reason to start carrying duct tape on me at all times.

So cut the crap. Act like you, because you want people to like you for you, not some person trying to act stupid. Be original, and don’t be ashamed to be you.

5 thoughts on “Acting dumb is not cute”

  1. Yikes, I feel legitimately dumb right now. I don’t know who won the Civil War and I didn’t know Obama was a democrat (or if he still is one?). But then again I’m Canadian so that’s my excuse. :)

    I think the main reason girls act a little ditzy sometimes is to make themselves seem more approachable. Obviously overdoing it is a bit of a turnoff, but imo “acting dumb” or whatever is a bit like being humble and saying, “hey I’m not smarter than you boys in every and each way, and I’m just a normal person who makes silly mistakes. And I can laugh at my own mistakes rather than freak out/get super uptight over everything.”

    That’s just my own two cents coming from a girl who asks dumb questions from time to time.

    1. Aw! My intent wasn’t to make you feel dumb, but I think it’s understandable for you to not know these things since you’re Canadian.

      That’s definitely one way to look at it. I never really thought about it like that. Everyone says dumb things every once in a while (or sometimes more! haha) and that is perfectly okay, but I find it really annoying when girls do it solely to get attention.

      But thanks for your input. I like hearing others’ opinion. :)

    2. I just have to agree. Don’t get me started on having to hold my tongue when girls are being dumb for whatever reason. It just makes me go ARGH!!!

      And hmmm… I think that’s not quite being dumb… maybe just umm a bit ignorant? ahem. Also I don’t think being Canadian is any excuse, it’s general knowledge and history… Sorry if I sound really rude/judgemental, I don’t mean to be!!

  2. I agree; being (pretending to be) dumb is not funny. I honestly don’t understand it either, why some girls want to look adorable (at least they think so, right) by being like this. Like you said, just be your original self. I’m not saying that what you wrote is completely false, no… because really, if a girl pretends to act dumb by saying stuff like “oh my god there are 365 days per year?” then THAT is just really gonna make me look at them in a “wtf are you serious” manner because it’s common, general knowledge; meanwhile if you ask someone stuff that is very specifically historical and they say they have no idea whatsoever, I think it’s the lack of knowledge in the field of history – simply said, it’s not necessarily dumb ~dumb~ (this doesn’t make sense, lol).
    But of course, yes, I do get what you’re saying and where you’re aiming for. Sorry if I sound rude, judgmental or just annoying…it’s just that sometimes I see people cringing like “oh my, you don’t know / forgot when the world war I started?!” and look at others or me, even, like i’m stupid…it gets annoying. what I’m saying is yeah, there’s a difference in ACTING DUMB for the sake of impressing others and not knowing some information regarding some specific stuff due to, well, lack of reading…probably. then again, DUMB is a vague word; it can be perceived academically or just in an alternate context like this.

    P.S: I get that you don’t mean it as academically dumb. just giving out a voice here. sorry to interrupt.

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